"At 32 minutes this is a perfect half hour of death metal. It has the full package. The ferocious Blasphemy of Deicide, the brutality of Suffocation, the atmosphere and complexities of Morbid Angel, the tightness of Malevolent Creation and the fury of Hate Eternal all finished off with subtle hints of black metal. While I’m mentioning a lot of seasoned bands there is nothing old school about this band. Everything is modern and fresh. This is a band that understands death metal and has their roots firmly planted but are sharp and looking ahead." -- Joe Denby, http://www.brutalism.com/


"The band consists of a handful of Texas extreme metal vets who come together to make a Christ-raping racket with hints of Behemoth and other death-heavies sprinkled over the top." -- Dan Lake, http://decibelmagazine.com/

"For an unsigned debut, it's astounding just how professional this sounds, and how well they play... I frankly haven't heard a wealth of albums in this vein that I've enjoyed since Trey and crew dropped Gateways to Annihilation." -- Autothrall, http://fromthedustreturned.com

"Upon Judas' Throne is, plain and simple, a Death Metal fan's Death Metal record. The band manage to keep a healthy old-school sensibility to the record without sounding contrived, like scores of uninspired-sounding, copycat bands. The riffs shatter bones. The drums beat the listener to a pulp. With a great, evil vibe and a number of memorable, mosh-able songs, it's a great record for any fan of Death Metal or extreme Metal in general." -- 8/10, Andrew Sifari, http://www.metal-temple.com/

"They have a pretty fantastic mixture of death and black flavors of metal, and they blend the two styles so well that tracks flow from one to the other and back again with ease. They have this blend down and they crush." -- Odin, http://ripplemusic.blogspot.com/

"Extinguish the Light" is cold, black, raw, ugly and morbid. For me it is one of the best records I have listened this year. It grows every day, every hour. It is powerful, bloody colourful and it contains a great amount of energy. -- Jakub Asphyx, https://deadly-storm.blogspot.com/


"The riffs here are absolutely phenomenal! I immediately was taken back to the days of Morbid Angel's "Domination" release... This is 100% pure, unadulterated, absolute death metal the way it should be played... This is some of the finest shredding I heard in the year 2014... If you could imagine Marduk playing death metal, this is probably what it would sound like." -- Akerthrope, Metal-Archives User Review

"Upon Judas' Throne is an impressive debut, but I'm sure that these guys will get even stronger in years to come as they're really making a name for themselves with this punishing debut... You'd better get your grimy hands on it." -- Eric May, http://www.newnoisemagazine.com

"This album is death metal at its greatest. Heavy, fast, loud, and technical as hell. With songs like 'Christ Crusher', and my favorite 'Castle of Meth'. Whore of Bethlehem is the epitome of the death metal genre..." -- Daniel Chavez, http://echoesanddust.com/

google translated from German
"WHORE OF BETHLEHEM see 'Upon Judas' Throne' a blend of aggression faster, slower brutality, and malignant atmosphere. What deliver the Texans here surpasses the releases of many established bands." -- unknown, http://www.twilight-magazin.de/ (translated link)

"Overall, Extinguish the Light is a solid death metal release. There isn't any fluff and there isn't any bullshit that can be found. This is a straight forward bludgeoning." --Jared Harrison, http://antichristmagazine.com/


"A commanding, authoritative mix of riffs and bellows with some blackened shrieks and gritty lurches thrown in. It all comes together to make for an impressive debut that makes for a nice low profile release many of you should check out and enjoy." -- E. Thomas, http://www.teehofthedivine.com

"Whore of Bethlehem is another of these relatively new bands successfully bringing together the two most extreme styles of metal - black and death - so that the listener is engulfed in waves of blasphemy... There's no denying the the sheer belligerence and blistering hatred that this album has to offer." -- Neil Arnold, http://www.metalforcesmagazine.com/

"This album is a blasphemous marvel to behold. It's an awesome blend of black metal and brutal death metal that sounds incredibly dark and violent." -- BreadGod, http://www.servileinsurrection.com/

"Upon Judas' Throne is a great debut release and one that makes me look forward to what Whore of Bethlehem will come up with on future releases. The potential is evident and I am sure it will be realised." -- Jools Green, http://www.metaltalk.net/